Let's take a look at how Owned it works and its key features

Let's take a look at the features

Simple Integration

Integrating Owned it is a quick and a simple process

Once integrated, all the customer engagement campaigns can be configured from the dashboard

  • Integrate in less than 30 minutes
  • One-click install plugins for major eCommerce platforms
  • Javascript integration for stores using custom scripts

Rich customer engagement apps

Great variety of social and referral apps that suits various campaigns

Owned it offers a wide range of apps that can be configured to run referral campaigns for a wide range of products including digital goods.

  • Set up and run your referral campaigns in minutes
  • Built in reward delivery system
  • Plenty of configuration options for your needs

Complete customization

Complete control over the look and feel

You can customize various elements (slider/ pop - up, banner type, text, color, font, offer etc) of the campaigns to closely match the look and feel of your store.

  • Multiple customization options for enhanced conversions
  • No coding knowledge required for creating and editing campaigns

Deep insights and analytics in real- time

Gain insights and improve your conversions

Gain deeper understanding of your customers and their referral behavior from Owned it’s analytics dashboard as and when they occur.

  • Gain deeper insights of campaigns and their effectiveness
  • Real time referral activity stream 
  • Drill down individual campaigns and compare performances

A/B test campaigns and increase conversion

Test and improve your campaigns

Some campaigns convert better than others, but how do you test them? Use Owned it to simultaneously test and optimize different types of campaigns to identify the campaign that converts the best for you.

  • Built in A/B testing system
  • Measure campaign results and compare performance of various campaigns
  • Test and try various campaigns, no IT expertise required

Measure Return on Investment

Determine the ROI for each campaign and social channel

With Owned it’s analytics dashboard, you can clearly measure the ROI on each campaign and for each social channel which allows you to target your marketing efforts in right direction.

  • Monitor additional revenue per customer, per click and per conversion
  • Clear ROI measurement for every campaign you run
  • Intuitive performance reports and trends analysis

Security and Scalability

Follow the industry’s most advanced security measures

Owned it is served from a highly scalable and a multi-layered architecture. Owned it tag is served in a non-blocking mode so your webpages don’t have to wait for it to load.

  • 128 bit encrypted SSL 3.0 communication between your store and Owned it system
  • Highly scalable cloud based architecture
  • Asynchronous loading of script