Owned it is a secure and flexible marketing platform that allows you to:

  • Run multi-channel customer engagement campaigns
  • Enhance your visibility on social media
  • Use incentives to convert casual buyers into loyal customers
  • Track your campaign performance in real-time
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Drive sales
Owned it entices your customers to evangelise you on their social networks attracting relevant traffic to your store.
Track engagement
Owned it tracks customer activity on different social channels providing a deeper understanding of your customers.
Optimize campaigns
Owned it split tests different customer campaigns to identify the one that converts the most.

"It simply works. I have tried many approaches to gain sales through social media and Owned it is the only one that has done it for me."

Costas MagicTao

"I never thought that social campaigns can make this much difference to our conversions. Our social traffic has increased significantly and we've had repeat buys from our customers."

Steve BassBuds